Since entering the Australian wine industry in 2005, Grapeweb has grown to be the default winery to grower communications platform for many Australian wineries, large and small. Grapeweb is now in use by growers accounting for over 50% of hectares under vine for wine in Australia.

The key component of Grapeweb is our Spray Diary system. We knew from the start that the spray diary had to be fast, simple to use, easily accessible and feature packed. Data entry is either step by step for most growers or all on one page for growers requiring a more streamlined and feature rich method.

The spray diary incorporates a comprehensive database of chemicals in use in Australian vineyards. We manage the products included in the database to ensure it contains products that are actually used and not include products that are not used. The spray diary alerts growers to incorrect usage and calculates earliest harvest dates for wineries to help them with intake.

Grapeweb also includes a raft of reports and data entry forms as well as seemless backend system integration for growers and wineries to send and receive vital information.

The Grapeweb solution provides wineries with a set of applications and tools that enable improved communication and interaction between the winery and their contracted grape growers. Agsmart provides a total service to wineries, enabling them to "outsource" this service and removing the hassle of managing the many components of a successful web based communication platform. Currently more than 2000 grape growers and more than 50% of the total hectares under vine in Australia use Grapeweb.

Grapeweb can be accessed using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

The Grapeweb solution enables wineries to:

  • receive their grower spray diary records online
  • receive visual alerts if the sprays are outside general industry guidelines
  • receive information that will assist the winery in establishing the earliest harvest date
  • publish their growers' maturity test results, weighnote information and other performance reports online
  • receive grower maturity test results and grower forecast grape production information online

Growers can:

  • submit spray diary records electronically
  • be alerted if sprays are outside guidelines
  • access their maturity test results and weighnote information online
  • communicate online with the winery
  • access a range of industry information and general services 

Additional optional modules are available for wineries and growers such as Grapeweb Messaging using SMS/email to automate the contacting of growers by winery staff and Grapeweb for Vineyards (see separate menu description).

If you require further assistance or information about Grapeweb, you can contact the Grapeweb Helpdesk on 1300 768 500, Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm AEST, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For a demonstration of Grapeweb go to and choose one of the demonstration logins listed on the home page, or review the YouTube Demo Videos in the menu above.